In the digital age, more concern is on recovering of crashed computers rather than crashed cars. Similarly to all business as data sets are the most important part of an organization hence calling for plans on data recovery.

Before any data backup, understanding of the policy of data recovery is very important. Policies lay down a guideline of the company’s per-determined rules of operation.

Creating a policy on your backup plan is very important as it is free and also helps in defining what you are in need of and when you actually need it.

Before thinking of data recovery, the following are the major five things you should have knowledge of: 

1.) The backup method you will make use of. 

  • Before writing the backup policy you are in need of, make a decision of the backup type you are going to use.
  • Rather cloud, physical or both types for your backup. Always remember, some of .
  • the critical data may require backing up through a number of backup methods. 

2.) Data types that will be backed up. 

  • Once you are preparing for designing a backup policy, you also need to determine .
  • the types of data that you will be performing backups for. You need to determine.
  • whether you use full-image backup, incremental backups or else full backup. Additionally, determine the various systems you will make use of. 

3.) When does the data need back up? 

  • Each file or database type may require different time frames for their backup. It could be monthly.
  • Weekly or daily. Also, you need to make a decision of the favorable time during the day to perform the backup.
  • The most recommended time is the time you are off business. 

4.) Administrators. 

  • Before laying any data recovery plan and writing the recovery process, you need to know the person who will be able to access the backups.
  • The named person will then be responsible for monitoring the data stored successes, running required backups and also be .
  • contacted in case of need of data recovery. The persons with access to such should be between two and five. 

5.) How will you protect your backups? 

  • While making a choice of the backup method to use, have in mind the protection that goes hand-in-hand with that backup method.
  • You should be able to know whether data encryption will be done or not, if the log ins are maintained.
  • once you interact with the data or how your employees will gain access to stored information. 

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