If you are in global search of an impeccable solution for thorough safeguard, backup and data recovery programs but wide-awake about your convenience and easiness. Complete solution programs allow ordinary users and also organizations of all possible sizes to receive a plethora of benefits alongside with the latest backup technologies, disk cloning, virtualization and data recovery. 

Introducing the opportunity of backup and data recovery to the cloud, you will always be provided with the most current backup of all paramount data recovery , and moreover, no longer need to spend hours restoring and setup the system in the case of its failure. 

There are diversified benefits of professional Backup & Recovery:  

● Various types of backup systems and data;

● Recovery environment in the event of system failure;

● Support all of today’s hard disk drives and solid state drives (SSD)

● Creating virtual backups

For business environment, the backup and data recovery have the following undeniable pluses:  

● Ensures business continuity;

● Backups systems Win2K + without interruption using Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (MS VSS) or Paragon Hot Processing;

● Provides independence from the hardware with enhanced Adaptive Restore technology;

● At a granular level of recovery reduces downtime resources and services;

● Makes it available to use Console and Client for remote management

Both big- and small-scale businesses have realized the benefits of cloud storage, and today more than 10 trillion user objects are stored and recovered with the help of the cloud technology! Moreover, cloud store is not only growing every year, but is becoming cheaper and faster, especially in the case with analytical companies. 

Most large and medium-sized companies have already made up their own solutions for data recovery storage and processing. In this case, you may need a permanent solution for the expansion of cloud opportunities. Unique service of cloud is automatically archiving unused data recovery in the cloud while retaining locally only the most frequently used data. This approach is already saving businesses 60 to 80% of the cost of the equipment! 

Finally, the primary advantage of moving backup and data recovery in the cloud is the ability to introduce the location as normal network file storage, using standard protocols and the API, which allows you to migrate legacy applications without any restrictions. One of the great features of the cloud is the chance to use incredible amount of memory to allocate within existing job roles in the cache and efficiently save human resources. 

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