Our Research & Development department has developed specific tools to recover lost Data Recovery from a mobile phone whatever the circumstances. We even recover data deleted voluntarily or by mistake! (except iPhone 4S and above).

In the event of an electrical failure or logical problem, our technicians use specific tools and software to repair, circumvent electrical failures and Data Recovery from the mobile phone. If your mobile device…

  • has been damaged by fire , flood or other disaster,
  • no longer operational,
  • has lost data (photos, music, videos, emails, tasks, text messages, etc.)

You must use the lab recovery service. Lab services are the only recovery option due to potential risks when booting the phone. Specific measures will be taken by Ontrack laboratory technicians to protect your data. To ensure successful data recovery and avoid further damage, turn off your mobile phone immediately.

Data loss on flash memory storage devices occurs when their flash chip and the data stored on it are damaged. Here are the most common failures: Human error, computer virus, natural disaster, software or program tampering can also cause data loss on Flash memory.

Ontrack engineers recover data from Flash memory devices using data reconstruction programs they have developed. These programs are able to identify, separate and reassemble your Flash memory so that your files or Wikipedia data can be extracted.

Only the signature of the quote is worth committing to the procedure for recovering your data. The evaluation time is 4 hours upon receipt in our laboratory for a single disk (hard disk and SSD) and less than 24 hours for RAID systems. Other media, such as cell phones, do not require an estimate to provide an accurate quote.

Recovery prices start at €540 including tax for a single disk and €480 including tax for a smartphone. The final price is determined after the evaluation, depending on the complexity of the work and the urgency required. If we are unable to recover your data or if you decline our offer, your media will be destroyed free of charge. If you wish it to be returned to you, a fee of €15 including VAT will be charged. 

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