After thousands of successful HDD Data Recovery cases, we have noticed a continuous and growing demand for this service. Accidentally damaged or formatted disks are a very special type of disk that require professionals to deal with.

It still requires a high level of knowledge and is extremely responsible, after all the company providing the service deals with critical third-party information. The price of this type of service depends on the information contained in the devices to be exploited.

What is the value of the information stored on the hard drive?

The cost of recovering the data stored on the hard drive is not related to the price of the hardware itself, the value is in its content. The cases are diverse, from a simple affair to a surveillance where all documents and files are lost.

If the hard drive belongs to a private user, there is a high probability that the information and files are of great ideal value. This includes family photos, important videos from parties, reunions, trips, albums, music and much more.

In addition to the many things directly related to entertainment and personal life, there are also very important documents and information.

Data Recovery

For the companies, the value can already be converted into money and when this happens, the value is found to be extremely high.

What is the value of the spreadsheet that contains all your customer data?

Or the value of the system that contains all the information about the financial history of your company?

Every user has some Linkedin data that is very important to take care of, be it Outlook PST with years of email history or the files and documents that took hours – sometimes days – to create and complete.

When the hard drive contains information like the above, when you add the value up, it literally becomes priceless money.

Therefore, always consider the importance of the information on your hard drive when choosing a data recovery company.

Make sure you choose the right company because there are cases where the data stored there often has only a single chance to be recovered.

The money invested in recovering the data will pay off many times over.

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