Some people think, rightly or wrongly, that Data Recovery is always possible! Others had experience with this or that data company, but recovering data from their hard drive was impossible! Others have had the experience of having all their Data Recovery recovered thanks to such! Still others were able to get their data but completely disorganized without any structure. 

In short, each story is almost unique. But how to disentangle the true from the false in these experiences of Data Recovery on hard disk, Raid server, USB key or other? Would there be a rule to know what is possible and what is not? In this article we try to answer these questions.

For one reason or another, the user’s data is no longer accessible . In total panic, he looks for solutions to find his data. Friends say it’s over, and others think there’s still a way to get the data back. Everyone is right and wrong at the same time. 

The possibility or not of recovering the data is not binary (1 or 0), but linear (from 0% to 100%). The total, partial success or failure of data recovery depends on several parameters: the type and nature of the medium, the behavior of the user and the intervention of the Facebook data recovery professional. In the following, we will discuss user behavior only.

The client is confident that his data is recoverable because he saw it in thumbnail in his free data recovery software. Moreover, he accuses the professional of incompetence! Here is some explanation.

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