Cloud storage is one of the new and quickly becoming popular methods of data storage. Even though it is effective and people are embracing the idea, it has its own pros and cons. One of the cons is the privacy of the information of your data. Data will never be 100% secure, whether you store it in your computer at home, or use cloud services for storage. With this in mind, it is advisable to make sure you keep your data as safe as possible. In Cloud Storage, you can make sure your privacy is not infringed by using extra measures to protect your data.

Sensitive information


The best way to ensure your sensitive information is fully protected is avoiding keeping it in the cloud. Although you may think that sensitive information can be hacked from any location, it would be harder to do so if it is not in the virtual world. This means that apart from avoiding cloud storage, you should also avoid any storage options that have internet connectivity. Rather you would want to use a local backup such as an encrypted external hard drive to perform restore and Data Recovery Miami of your important files..


User agreements


It is common for most, if not all, cloud storage users to pass through all the details in a user agreement. In fact, the number of people who read such agreements are less than 2% of the total.  Reading the user agreement of a cloud service can help you see the difference between the cloud service you want and another competitor. It is not a secret that such agreements are boring and hard to read, but you will need to get the information they have. The document that you find to be boring and presumed may contain crucial information that you may be searching for.




You have to be very serious about your passwords. Most people assume that a password is always secure as long as they are the only ones who know it. This is not the case since 90% of passwords can be hacked within a few seconds. In fact, a huge part of the bad stories you hear that an individual’s account has been hacked have all been the result of creating an easy to remember password. Additionally, using the same password for your email and other online accounts means that the same password is always sent to your email the moment you want to retrieve it. If you want to create a secure password, you should use these steps:

  1. Start by selecting a random, and preferably a long password such as ‘communication’.
  2. So know let us assume that you are signing up for a Google account. The simplest way to go about this would be adding a Google word to the word you have chosen. A good example will be ‘communicationgmail’ if you have opened a Gmail account and ‘cummincationyahoo’ if you are opening a yahoo account.

In such a scenario, you will only need to remember the structure of your password and the ‘core’ word. To make sure the password is strong you should try adding a number before the service’s name. A good example can be your birth date. If you are using Skype, it should go something like ‘commmunication291283skype’. You can also invent an appealing way of memorizing your passwords. When these three main areas are taken into consideration, you should not have any problem in terms of your privacy being infringed in cloud storage.

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