Oops! Your computer crashed! All your pictures taken during the most memorable events of your life are in a failed system. May be the pictures were taken during your wedding and you definitely want to lose the ever. Even at the time when your computer has crashed. The only big question running through your mind; How can I recover my lost pictures after this sudden crash? This is the most confusing state of mind.

How Can I Recover Lost Pictures After A Crash

No panic. You can recover your lost pictures by obtaining a proper and reliable photo recovery tool. The best initial step to keep your photos safe is to remove the hard drive from the computer in order to protect its integrity until the time when your pictures are recovered.

Is Using A Recovery Software To Recover Lost Pictures Effective?

Your computer may have crashed due to several reasons such as malicious software that corrupted your hard drive, Windows registry problems leading to a significant failure of your hard drive, or even physical damage to your valuable computer. If you drive is physically damaged, all you need to do is to send the drive to a data recovery lab for recovery actions. However, if the hard drive is not physically damaged, it is very easy to recover lost pictures using a photo recovery tool. This Tool can be downloaded or purchased online.

This tool is an effective recovery software which is designed to ensure complete photo recovery and is free, safe and risk free process of recovery. This is done without affecting the original contents of your pictures. The software supports recovery of all the multimedia files and allows you to retrieve all accidentally deleted RAW images. The software tool is compatible with both windows and Mac operating Systems.

What are the steps for recovering Pictures from a damaged Hard Drive?

These are the two simple steps you should follow immediately you lose your pictures after a computer crash.

  • First, remove the crashed hard drive and connect it to a working system and download and install a demo version of the image recovery tool. Ones the launch is completed, select “Recover photos” tab. Select the “Recover Lost Photos” tab on the main menu to restore your lost photos.
  • Now select the connected hard drive as the new storage system for your recovered pictures. Select “Next” tab to begin the recovery process. You will be able to view your recovered pictures once the recovery is over.

To avoid losing your valuable images, backup your data regularly. Do registry cleaning to remove corrupt software. Always ensures that software or hardware is compatible with your system before installation. Here are the best three important tips that will help you to prevent hard drive crash:

  • Always make a proper usage of memory card together with the digital camera
  • Have a reliable backup system for your important photos on a regular basis
  • Use the latest versions of antivirus to prevent virus infection and corrupt software in your system.

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