Refreshing your storage options every few years is expensive. It’s why experts are under pressure to deliver better services, and you can’t afford to be left out. Modern storage solutions will help your tech-team shift from tactical employees to strategic business partners. And here are the top storage trends that you can anticipate for in 2018. 

1. Flash Drives will Get Faster and More Spacious :

Recent studies show that flash storage sales have grown by about 75%. In 2018, flash sales are expected to stay strong, as technology improves and their prices continue to drop. In fact, transfer rates of 10 GB/second will be our new normal, and manufacturers will start to combine flash storages with hyper-convergence. Flash storages may even become so popular that their raw materials will have shortages. 

2. Multi-cloud Storage will Be a Better Data Recovery Protector :

Multi-cloud options reduces Data Recovery loss risks or downtime should one service fail. In 2018, therefore, more businesses are likely to adopt a hybrid delivery strategy and use multiple clouds as their protectors. Besides, it is more flexible, and your consumers can still access your information even when you replicate across other clouds. 

3. Business Analytics Will Be Much Easier to Get :

Unlike before, Data Recovery enterprises will have to configure their business analytics into the tech infrastructure fully. In 2018, these will have a significant impact on your storage, with performance and Twitter data management becoming easier. Experts are even embedding analytic tools into their storage solutions to help you access information quickly. 

4. 2018 Will be a Year of Services Delivery :

More enterprises are likely to adopt a hyper-converged infrastructures (HCI), seeing it grow from $2 to about $5 billion in 2019. In fact, you won’t need to purchase storage devices from a third-party vendor as specialists will install it directly into your infrastructure. Many dealers may even resolve to consolidate their services to a centralized service provider. 

5. Businesses Will Adopt Software-defined Storage Solutions :

Besides supporting your assets, software-defined storages also allow you to take advantage of the subscription or consumption-based storage plans. They can also help you utilize the analytics output by tracking, classifying, and transferring Data Recovery to other appropriate locations within your storage management. They will make meta-data classification and monitoring easier. 

Finally, more firms are starting to appreciate the value of an efficient IT infrastructure, data storage to be specific. Besides, they accelerate and improve business operations, making your working experience better. Adopting such inputs will, therefore, improve employee productivity, reduce security threats and create high organizational resiliency. You too shouldn’t be left out.

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