Apr 30 2016

How to Backup and Restore Apps Data on Windows 8

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Although Windows 8 does not provide its users with a mode of backing up the data utilized within its apps,it does not mean that it is impossible to backup this data. Apparently, you have to backup the data manually. With Windows 8 Apps Data Backup Miami, this process is a lot simpler for the user.

Windows 8 Apps Data Backup

Many people often ask why it is important to Backup App Data. Well, there are several reasons for this.

However, the main reason is to ensure you do not lose your data if your app gets corrupted, or should youdecide to update your up or restore Windows 8. Backing up your app data ensures that you can quickly
restore them to how you are used to,

With Windows 8 Apps Data Backup, you do not have to worry about losing your user app data. The process ofbacking up the data is also quite easy. All you need to do is just download the app and backup your files.The program does not have to be installed in your gadget for it to backup your data.

Once you the program is downloaded onto your gadget, you need to launch the application. The command presents you with two options of either backing up or restoring your data. By clicking the backup button,the application displays a list of all your installed Windows 8 apps. You then need to mark all the apps whose data you intend to backup. However, you have to make sure all the apps you plan to backup are closed.The application also gives the user a choice to compress the backup files in a ZIP archive to saveon disk space. Additionally, you get to choose where to store your backup files.

When the need to restore the data arises you need to launch the application again, but this time, you click on the Restore button. You select the source file depending on where you stored your backup data and wait for the file to load. Upon loading the files, the app presents you with a list of all the apps to which you backed up your data. You select the apps to which you want to restore the data and click the Restore button. The app generally takes a few minutes to get you back to your convenience.

It is important to note that the Backup and Restore application does not backup or reinstall the applications themselves. For the data restoration to work, you need to have already re- installed the applications before attempting to restore the user data.

The backup and restore process ensures you do not lose valuable user data for your apps, especially during system updates and OS re-installations.

The action saves you the hassle of having to start your setups from scratch, every time you make changes to your gadget’s OS or apps. The backup system also works across all Windows 8 platforms, whether 32-bit or 64-bit.

Although this process may require several minutes of your precious time, it surely saves you a lot more time in future. Every Window 8 user should ensure they backup their data for future use.

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Apr 28 2016

Seagate Knows Data Recovery

You work hard for your money on the Internet. It’s not much but it is yours and your way. Life does its thing and throws obstacles at you. You manage. But once in a while the computer blows or a family member decimates what took you years to put together for the pettiest reasons. You need Data Recovery Services. Seagate offers free data recovery services with a hard drive purchase.

Data Recovery Services


A global leader in your data storage solutions Seagate makes products that keep your files safe. Global in its nature, it preserves your memories and your files quickly. The amount of information one needs to do business has grown and Seagate has grown with it. Data makes the story of where one has been and where one is. Now 60 percent of the U.S. households own a computer so data storage and recovery has become a must. In 2013 Seagate produced it 2 billionth drive. Now Seagate launches Cloud Systems and solution regularly. Whether old data or new it takes care of the need. Its workers are some of the best in the industry with its fair pay scales and integrity checks it makes sense to use a firm that understands what makes businesses flourish in the 21st century.


Seagate believes in intelligent infrastructure. It lobbies Congress for super computing infrastructure to get ready for the next wave of needs. It interconnects it data centers to make the optical network work efficiently. It makes a quiet storm to get things changed and then uses it to further its mission. Innovative, task oriented, and ready for any situation makes it a though leader in the industry. Its workforce continues to propose new ideas and ways with collaboration, cooperation, and engineering creativity. It puts the infrastructure for the next phase and tweaks as it goes. Not a problem to go in cyberspace where no one has gone before. It maintains what was since a good foundation becomes needed. No throwing history aside just because someone wants to make the same mistakes again. It sets the course and goes forth like a ship at sea nudging it to stay the path.


Software defined with hyper scale environments Seagate experiments with Ceph. Scalable solutions do exist and make a major mark on open source communities. Innovative solutions take time to implement with many hazards along the way bur Seagate can accomplish the goal since it can handle new solutions easily. We fill conferences with possibilities not walls. We try all possibilities and then some. Contact us today.

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Apr 28 2016

The Petya Ransomware finally Decrypted

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The Ransomware is a malware that has been circulating via emails; it is said to come from individuals looking to be employed, since March 2016. Once the mail is opened, the malware infects your machine by changing the MFT. The operating system fails to locate your data due to the master file table (MFT) encryption, and a ransom note shows asking for 0.9-bit coins that are equivalent to 264 Euros.

Experts Recover Data Encrypted by Petya Ransomware

Recover Data

An expert programmer only known by the Twitter Handle Leo_and_Stone was able to generate a tool to fault the malware. The programmer developed the tool when trying to help the father-in-law, whose computer had been infected by the ransomware. They then released the tool as a code via Github, a site for sharing codes, for others to access.

How the code works

Other experts from BleepingComputer.com stated that the code works through removing some data from the infected hard drive. They explained that the code scans the computer for the Petya boot code, upon detecting it, the boot code is selected, and users are allowed to copy the sectors and the nonce that it is associated with. These data are used to come up with a decryption password in seconds but through the website of Leo_and_Stone.

One has to extract the drive from the infected computer manually, attach it to another uninfected Windows device to obtain precise data, then convert the extracted data to Base64 programming and finally use the website to create the password. After discovering the password, reconnect the Data Encrypted Drive to its computer to retrieve the encrypted files.

Another expert, Tim Stiller, a system Engineer explained to IT Pro that “the ransomware only encrypts the disk with one key,” which has to be extracted to decrypt the MFT. This is good news because the code now makes it possible for victims of the malware to recover their data without paying the ransom.

The con of using the decryption tool

The unfortunate thing is that this extracting process might not be easy for most victims of the malware, but lucky for them, Wosar devised a tool that they can use to remove the data quickly.

However, to use this tool, one still needs to extract the drive from the infected machine, attach it to another working Windows device, then launch the tool to identify the password. In case, the affected machine has many drives, remove only the boot drive of the infected computer.

How to prevent your computer from the Petya Ransomware

Although the experts were able to decrypt the malware, it is wise to protect your machine. Tim Stiller stated that it was likely that the authors of the malware will result in changing the functions of the encryption from the MFT encryption to a file-by-file encryption.

He advised institutions to” backup their data either through cloud backup, that can be easily accessed and backs up your data daily, or through an external hard drive. It is important to evade opening suspicious emails or downloading unexpected attachments. They should also make a habit of sending strange emails to their security experts for examination”.

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Apr 28 2016

Cloud-based data backup solutions increasing in popularity

When a company opens their doors for business, there are many things that they must do in order to be effective in their operations and to protect their interest. Some of the most important is hiring the right people for the jobs that they have available, putting the right systems in place to perform the jobs that they are assigned and ensuring the best Data Backup systems are in place to prevent loss of data. Since computers are used in virtually every business and industry setting today, it is essential that the back up plans that they use are efficient, effective and affordable. In the past, all three of these goals may have been mutually exclusive, especially since the best efficient back up systems did not come cheap. Today, with all of the advances in technology, data back up solutions for any company can be effective, efficient and affordable.
To that end, because of the newer trends in technology, individuals and businesses are moving to a cloud based data back solutions. Explaining the change in Cloud-based data backup solutions increasing in popularity is not really difficult if people know the reasons why this shift is happening. Typically, there are at least 3 reasons why the change is increasing in its popularity.

#1 – Access Info from Anywhere

Some people want to know why a cloud based data back up solution is becoming the norm instead of the exception. To date, there are numerous why and one of the more notable is the individual’s access to data from anywhere. For instance, if an individual leaves the office or their home, they cannot access the data from their hard drive remotely if they need a file or information that is stored on it. However, if they have a copy of that same data backed up in the cloud, they can retrieve this information remotely without having to return home to view it or copy it. Therefore, people who do a lot of traveling can benefit greatly from a cloud based back up system.

#2 – Access to Servers Offsite

When a business sets up their data back up solution, they may need several servers to implement a multi-level security system like RAID. However, because the cost of additional servers can be relatively high, they may not be able to afford the cost of using this type of security solution. On the other hand, if they utilize the servers in a cloud based solution, they will have access to the servers needed offsite to design an effective data back up solution.

#3 – Saves Money

Another reason for the shift to the cloud data based environment is it saves money. Because an individual can access their information from a remote location, they can save gas and money because they do not have to travel all the way back home or to the office to get the critical information. Additionally, the business will also have access to more than one server offsite and they do not have to purchase new computer hardware to design their own onsite expensive data back up solution.

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Jan 07 2016

Three Steps to Disaster Recovery Infographic

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Nov 23 2014

Houston Data Recovery

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Anytime you lose your data, the only thing you need is the best data recovery company. It is the surest way and to have your data recovered using the, most reliable equipment and other data handling services. Data analyzers are the best company for Houston Data Recovery Services and the surrounding areas. The company provides recovery services to individuals, businesses, government agencies and companies.

Data Analyzers provides the fastest Data Recovery Services in Houston with the highest data recovery success rate in the data recovery industry. The recovery services are very reliable is the only certified secure data recovery center in Houston. The recovery experts are available for 24 hours a day for all the business operators whose operations are dependent on the existing databases. The quick recovery services allow such clients to resume their operations almost immediately. Thanks to the highly experienced recovery experts.

What Are The Benefits Of The Best Houston Data Recovery?


The best data recovery company ensures that your data is in the safe and experience hands. It provides you with the ultimate assurance of recovering your data. Your data will be handled with a lot of confidentiality your recovery satisfaction is guaranteed. Some of the advantages of using this service for Houston Data Recovery include;

  • High level of experience in handling the data
  • Data recovered within a short time
  • Recovery services are very affordable
  • Offers very reliable services to all clients
  • Have very high level of privacy and security for your data

The data analyzers also do not charge you a penny if there is no data recovered in the process. Other recovery companies charge you hundreds of dollars even when no data is recovered. Considering all the unlimited benefits of this leading recovery service, all your panic over data loss in Houston should be a forgotten issue. Data can be recovered from your damaged hard drive whether the failure was as a result of physical or logical failures.

What Are The Recovery Services Offered For Houston Data Recovery?

Recovery solutions offered to Houston Data recovery are vast. Data recovery due to physical and logical failure of hard drives is possible with the best Houston recovery company. These are the recovery solutions offered for the Houston recovery services;

  • Crashed Hard Drives
  • Formatted Hard Drive
  • Flash Drives and Portable Media
  • Clean Room Recovery
  • Email and Document Recovery
  • Data loss Prevention

Solutions are available for sudden hard drive crash, accidental formatting of the wrong drive, damaged flash drives with valuable data, physical drive repairs through the clean room services, and recovery of corrupt email databases.

Data loss prevention is the most valuable service provided by this leading recovery company in Houston. You are provided with the best data backup system that is reliable and most trusted in case of unexpected failure. It is better to have backup in the first place rather than seeking recovery services which is more expensive. Prevention is better than cure!

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Oct 23 2014

Cloud Data Storage and Your Privacy

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Cloud storage is one of the new and quickly becoming popular methods of data storage. Even though it is effective and people are embracing the idea, it has its own pros and cons. One of the cons is the privacy of the information of your data. Data will never be 100% secure, whether you store it in your computer at home, or use cloud services for storage. With this in mind, it is advisable to make sure you keep your data as safe as possible. In Cloud Storage, you can make sure your privacy is not infringed by using extra measures to protect your data.

Sensitive information


The best way to ensure your sensitive information is fully protected is avoiding keeping it in the cloud. Although you may think that sensitive information can be hacked from any location, it would be harder to do so if it is not in the virtual world. This means that apart from avoiding cloud storage, you should also avoid any storage options that have internet connectivity. Rather you would want to use a local backup such as an encrypted external hard drive to perform restore and Data Recovery Miami of your important files..


User agreements


It is common for most, if not all, cloud storage users to pass through all the details in a user agreement. In fact, the number of people who read such agreements are less than 2% of the total.  Reading the user agreement of a cloud service can help you see the difference between the cloud service you want and another competitor. It is not a secret that such agreements are boring and hard to read, but you will need to get the information they have. The document that you find to be boring and presumed may contain crucial information that you may be searching for.




You have to be very serious about your passwords. Most people assume that a password is always secure as long as they are the only ones who know it. This is not the case since 90% of passwords can be hacked within a few seconds. In fact, a huge part of the bad stories you hear that an individual’s account has been hacked have all been the result of creating an easy to remember password. Additionally, using the same password for your email and other online accounts means that the same password is always sent to your email the moment you want to retrieve it. If you want to create a secure password, you should use these steps:

  1. Start by selecting a random, and preferably a long password such as ‘communication’.
  2. So know let us assume that you are signing up for a Google account. The simplest way to go about this would be adding a Google word to the word you have chosen. A good example will be ‘communicationgmail’ if you have opened a Gmail account and ‘cummincationyahoo’ if you are opening a yahoo account.

In such a scenario, you will only need to remember the structure of your password and the ‘core’ word. To make sure the password is strong you should try adding a number before the service’s name. A good example can be your birth date. If you are using Skype, it should go something like ‘commmunication291283skype’. You can also invent an appealing way of memorizing your passwords. When these three main areas are taken into consideration, you should not have any problem in terms of your privacy being infringed in cloud storage.

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Oct 15 2014

What to do if your Business Server Crashes

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A Server Crash can send your whole organization into state of panic and damage cleanup mode. When a server goes down, you’re essentially flirting with the prospect of losing data, money and customers immediately, and in some rare cases, permanently. In the IT world, this would easily classify as a disaster. In the event of a server crash, there are some fundamental things that you can do that cover a broad range of circumstances. When a server fails, the first two questions you need to ask yourself are: “What are the symptoms of the crash?” and “Has anything on the server changed recently?” Is hardware or software to blame?

Some of the possible symptoms are:

  • The server will not power up.
  • The server powers up but displays the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD).
  • The server powers up and Windows loads, but some critical services fail to start.
  • If the system refuses to power up, then it is definitely a hardware-related problem. Most likely, the server’s power supply has gone bad.

But it’s important to first check the simple stuff, so make sure the system is plugged in and it is receiving power from the electrical outlet. If the system boots but displays the BSOD, the problem is generally due to a hardware failure or a bad device driver. If you recently installed a new device driver, then that’s a pretty good clue that the problem might be driver related.

Three Things to do Immediately After a Server Outage

Immediately Review Your Disaster Recovery Plan

This is where you schedule an emergency meeting with your IT department to determine the details of your disaster recovery plan.

Check the Status of Your Backups

At the very least, your IT staff should have come up with a system that backs up all your data in multiple formats – preferably in the cloud, on tape and on disk; there are ways to do this in-house and companies that specialize in server backup. Your tech team should have also established data loss threshold levels, which basically means clearly outlining what level of data loss your organization can afford to lose while still remaining functional.

Check for Security Issues

In many cases, server outages are the result from an external intrusion. This can be the result of poor security and maintenance policies instituted by your team, or just a lack of knowledge in general server security and data protection solutions.

Prevention is the Best Cure

At the end of the day, no company can afford to think, “This could never happen to me.” Currently, server outages on the enterprise level can cost upwards of $90,000 an hour or more. As your server infrastructure grows to meet the needs of an expanding business, you’re never fully aware of every weak point in your system. Accidents happen, but you can avoid the disastrous fallout with an effective plan. Get with your team, develop a disaster recovery plan and protect your data in the process.

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Sep 25 2014

Best Company For Houston Data Recovery

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Consumers and businesses in Houston, Texas, often need a Data Recovery Houston service to find and repair applications as well as restore data on hard drives and servers. Local businesses may also need forensic data services. A Houston data recovery service can do all of this, and more, offering local advantages to Houston consumers and companies.

houston data recoveryConsumers in Houston can turn to Data Analyzers for their data recovery services. Applications can be recovered on Oracle, MS Access, Power Point, Outlook Express and more. Personal hard drives can be accessed and searched for missing data. Optical media such as DVDs, CDs and CD-R/RWs can be searched for videos and music files. Data Analyzers can resurface optical media, which can eliminate scratches and restore media playability.

As an experienced Houston data recovery company, Data Analyzers can find lost data on either laptop and desktop computers. Logical recovery techniques involve drives that have no physical failures, and physical recovery techniques involve analyzing drives that have physical damage. Procedures are in place to recover data such as reprogramming printed circuit boards, reprogramming firmware, and software development. Data can be recovered from Unix Servers, Windows, Linux, Sun Solaris, AIX, HP Unix, SCO, BSD and Macintosh.

Data Analyzers can perform forensic services. Forensics is often necessary for private investigators, insurance companies, and corporations to build a variety of civil and criminal cases. Computer forensics has broadened into digital forensics, involving PDAs, GPS systems, Blackberry devices, and any number of business or personal devices on which important data may be stored. Companies or individuals who are involved in civil or criminal cases and investigations can hire forensic teams to obtain evidence from computers and cell phone devices.

Data Analyzers has the capability to find digital fingerprints. A variety of electronic evidence, such as spreadsheets, databases and documents, can be located and retrieved. This evidence can be used in several types of cases, including custody cases, insurance fraud, company disputes, embezzlement, infidelity and more. The past can be recovered using advanced equipment and techniques.

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Jul 11 2014

Data Recovery: Prices Can Vary Widely

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What Factors Affect The Data Recovery Pricing?

Data Recovery Prices have never been constant and specific. It varies widely based on the type of hard drive failure, amount of data files being recovered and also varies from company to company. It is very important for you to know the cost of recovering your files before sending your disks to a data recovery company. Most reputable companies would send you a quotation before any work is done. Recovery charges charge based on the following factors.

Data Recovery Price

  • Types of disk (model, size and interface)
  • Type of failure (Physical or logical)
  • Type of your operating system
  • The user attempts before sending the drive for recovery
  • Special user requirements

Usually, any attempt to recover your disk on your own may worsen the situation leading to more charges on your total recovery cost. This is because some actions may require to be reversed. It is also difficult to recover files from larger disks due to greater magnetic density. This is because the number of read, write heads and technological complexity levels increases with disk capacity. Physical damage recovery is the most expensive due to replacement of parts of the hardware. The UNIX operating system is difficult to recover as compared to the windows operating system. Data Recovery Prices vary widely depending on these factors

How Do I Find The Best Pricing For My Data Recovery?

Before you consider settling for a specific data recovery company for Data Recovery Services, it is important to find out about their prices. Some companies charge too high for simple operations such as opening a hard drive while other companies charge less and offer quality service.

Remember, you will be charged based on the type of hard drive failure, your initial attempts, type of your operating system among others. The pricing is therefore very specific to your needs.

The lowest Data Recovery Price for a failed hard drive is about $300 but it varies from company to company. Opening of your hard drive alone may cost you not less than $100.

The best recovery company is the one that guarantees you high success rate of your data recovery. You may pay a cheaper price for companies that do not have proper equipment for recovery services and end up damaging your hard drive completely. Data recovery is not a cheap process and therefore you should be willing to pay a price for it. It is therefore important to determine fast where your information is worth recovering.

How do I avoid paying to pay costly recovery prices?

The most reliable, appropriate and cheap method of securing your data is by obtaining a reliable backup for all your data to prevent the costly recovery system. Always be keen to early symptoms of hard drive crash. Sounds from your computer is a sign of physical hard drive failure and considering to back up your data at this point will save you a great deal.

Backing up your data regularly is the only surest way to avoid paying a lot of money for your own files.

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